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Inspire. Disrupt. Create. Evolve. Together.

Disruption Disciples is a global movement that promotes the critical exchange of ideas and knowledge and fosters collaboration. We strive to ignite a new dynamic to advance civilisation in large steps. Our circle includes those who give priority to change over optimization. Every building block that guarantees this disruption of the status quo is valuable irrespective of background or origin. We create an intellectual barrier-free environment and a counter-movement to the echo chambers of our times. Disruption is a state of mind.
Today, different fields are converging at an increasingly rapid pace. Value is created at their intersections. At the same time, there are social, economic and ecological challenges that can only be met by mastering complexity and collaboration. Technological progress enables us to do this on a hitherto unimagined level. But we are confronted with many barriers that limit us in achieving our potential: lack of knowledge, creativity and collaboration. To reverse this, we need to reorient and inspire the synapses of the system. We are here to do exactly this: tear down the barriers and accelerate change.
We are a volunteer-run, chapter-based community. Starting with the genesis-node in Zurich we grow as our members establish new chapters all around the world and as we interconnect and meet. The congregations are inspired by the salons of the Enlightenment and are global social nodal points for silo breakers, transformers and disrupters under the patronage of inspiring hosts to expand the participants’ knowledge through discussion and create opportunity for cooperation.
Most importantly we unite to jointly embark on challenging missions which aim to raise awareness for the most critical challenges of our time and inspire to take action for a sustainable and better future.

Symphony of Disruption

We disrupt the world

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"The appropriate response to new technology is not to angrily retreat into the corner hissing and gnashing your teeth. It’s to ask: Okay, how should we use this?"

Burning Man

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